Siddharth Jain is a lawyer practising in various courts and tribunals in Delhi and having years of experience in legal profession . He specialises in Civil law, Criminal Law and Constitutional matters. He has sound knowledge of criminal law and has successfully conducted many criminal trials as well. He has been associated with a number of reputed law firms and has briefed various renowned Senior Advocates of the High Court and Supreme Court of India in high stakes matters and has represented various listed companies as well as governmental authorities. He is well versed with drafting and representing all kinds of cases.

Our Practice Area

Civil Law Attorney

Siddharth Jain & Co. has a long history of civil litigation practice. We have extensive experience in all stages of trial and appellate practice, as well as in administrative hearings and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Accustomed to preparing complex trial strategies and appellate arguments, our attorneys work endlessly to preserve our clients’ rights.

Family Lawyer

At Siddharth Jain & Co. we can assist and advise you about all matters related to family law. We will take into account the financial, as well as emotional interests of our clients. Our aim is to achieve the best legal and financial result for you. We know that a family law dispute is often far-reaching, which is why we help you in a committed and personal way.

Property lawyer

Both buying and selling real estate need significant financial capital outlay and careful planning. As a result, this is a hotbed for disagreements. Prior to and after closing, both parties to a transaction must fulfil a number of requirements. Litigation will frequently ensue if one side doesn’t uphold their end of the bargain in some way. We stand by our clients at every stage providing them with premier legal advice to make the process easier for them.

Criminal defence lawyer

With over 10 years of experience, our lawyers are leading criminal law specialists. We have a solid record for taking on challenging cases and getting the best results for our clients. Our solicitors provide expert advice in all aspects of criminal defence law. We strive diligently to get the best outcomes for our clients and to provide you with the finest defense possible.

Intellectual Property Registry

Our IP lawyers specialize in harnessing the intellectual property of their clients to help them succeed in the marketplace. Our IP attorneys offer advice on the most effective strategies for our clients to get the most out of their IP holdings and safeguard their IP rights. Our attorneys help clients manage their intellectual property portfolios and provide strategic assistance on acquiring and safeguarding important intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and designs.

Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes can have high stakes and can have significant global impact.  Both individuals and organisations try to proactively lower their risk. When issues arise, the objective is to resolve them in a way that is both economical and effective. We represent clients I n both established and developing markets, and in all phases of local and international litigation. No matter where they are, our clients receive excellent assistance by our attorneys. 

Cyber Law

As businesses become more entrenched in their use of data and technology, companies face a labyrinth of complex laws and regulations that continue to evolve and adapt requiring business owners to understand their data practices, the technology they rely on and the legal implications of their use. We provide seamless, holistic service to clients in any type of matter, involving cyber security and data protection.

Banking and Finance

Our attorneys are seasoned professionals in the field of Banking & Finance Law.  Our clientele includes leading public and private sector banks, domestic, offshore, and international financial institutions, NBFCs, debt and private equity funds, family offices, lenders, borrowers, corporations, advisers, consultants, and other intermediaries.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Over the past few years, alternative dispute resolution has grown significantly to encompass a wide range of legal issues in addition to the more standard business disputes. ADR has grown in importance as the initial step in the dispute settlement process, and customers are increasingly in need of support. Our alternative dispute resolution attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of general alternative dispute resolution law. Clients will have the confidence of knowing that their case is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable alternative dispute resolution lawyer.


I have retained Siddharth Jain, advocate as counsel in agro related industry and general business matters. They are diligent and reliable and provide solid legal advice and insights into practice. I would not hesitate to retain them as our company’s counsel in the future too. We had a good experience with this law firm.

Manju Jain

“Siddharth jain sir is one of the very best civil matter advocate in Delhi. He is smart, fearless and utterly compassionate. He represented our family zealously until achieving an excellent result. I could not give higher recommendation.”

Manisha Arora

Can say this as a client that of all the lawyers in Delhi, the lawyer who satisfied me the most by his service is Advocate Siddharth Jain, at this point I would like to thank him for his services and also would like to say that whoever will come to m door and ask me regarding the best lawyer in Delhi and especially for Civil field , I will personally recommend them to go to Advocate Siddharth Jain.

Ravi Bhasin

As a client the service provided by Advocate Siddharth Jain and Co. is always a good experience. I can say this as a client that of all the lawyers in Delhi, the lawyer who satisfied me the most by his service is Advocate Siddharth Jain, at this point I would like to thank him for his services and also would like to say that whoever will come to m door and ask me regarding the best lawyer in Delhi and especially for Civil field , I will personally recommend them to go to Advocate Siddharth Jain

Vikas Kashyap

Perfect law firm for all your legal issues. Good and sound advice rendered. They take their jobs seriously and go out of their ways to help out their clients. Best litigation firm in South Delhi. Hands down. Good job guys!


Thanks for helping me in my legal work. I appreciate your help so much. The knowledge you provided it values me. The whole team is good at interaction and nature towards their client is excellent. Once again, I want to thanks for your coordination till date.

Rudrakshi Ambule

Siddharth Jain & Co is one of the best firms which I have seen… The service provided by Advocate Siddharth Jain & Co. is always a good experience. Really helpful in dealing with all the situation relating to the case. I will personally recommend to go to Advocate Siddharth Jain.

Vishakha Gupta

If person is struggling with any legal problems in this modern time. Surely that person needs a lawyer who is trustworthy and reliable for their clients. This firm provides the best service and also focus on positive client approach which helps the client to communicate freely about their problems.

Nitika Mishra

Rightful advice and directions were activated. When I made consultations with the lawyer Siddharth. My case got admitted. Best advice in Delhi and NCR. My recommendations for today and for always. Really kind for the responses.

Muskan Singh

Mr siddharth jain is the best advocate in the city. He is helpful. He did my legal work very kindly. The team is helpful as well. Their nature is very good towards their clients. freely about their problems.

Neha Rathore

I not only recommend this law firm, but i guarantee once you have used their services you too will look no further their response time is so fast. siddarth jain and his team is very knowledgeable and they are trustworthy persons.there is no other law firm that will work as hard for you. They all are absolutely fantastic and professional. I highly recommend this law firm.–

Faiz Ali

Attorney Best has assisted me with my child custody and child support cases. He is absolutely fantastic and did a great job. I highly recommend him!

Prince Mishra

Siddharth Jain Sir really helped me a lot with my start-up company. The agreements and contracts were beautifully drafted. Terms and conditions and disclaimer policy were up to the mark. His associate also pays close attention to detail as per the client’s requirement. He has been our legal advisor for more than a year now and he has helped us with all our legal issues in a very professional way, which helped our start up a lot. He’s the kind of a lawyer every company needs for their legal issues. Highly recommended lawyer. Will surely refer to all my friends and family. Thanks a lot.

Feeky Drop

So glad to have approached this firm. Special acknowledgement to the fact that I was not given up on despite the hedges and the matter was actually resolved outside of the court! I would not hesitate to recommend Siddharth and his team of professionals determined and equipped with analytical skills to anyone in South Delhi.

Nitin Singh

hired the services of Siddharth Jain & Co. for my company’s litigation in Delhi NCR. He and his team are highly professional and responsive. My experience with them was excellent and most of the cases have been disposed off in favour of my company. Thankfully, I’ve found the legal representation I was looking for years. Our company is at ease since we know that you’re there to protect our interests.

Tanu Gupta

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